Groundbreaking Schillerpark Peggau II

Sager Group continues to invest in Peggau!

The construction of Schillerpark II is already under progress. On April 28th the construction works for the 13 beautiful row houses started. „Coming home“ is the slogan for this project and the first new owners are looking forward to their homes.

Wolfgang Pölzl, one of the managers of the Sager Group, emphasized the quality and the sustainability of the new building complex. The construction is built solid and with an eco-friendly energy supply my master builder Franz Pucher.

Energy for heating and cooling is provided by a future-orientated ground water heat pump. The houses will offer large balconies against South and sunny terraces on the 1st floor. For every unit there will be 2 car parking spaces (1 of them roofed) and a private garden. The seizes of the houses start at 84 m².

Mayor Salomon also emphasized the great cooperation which is necessary for the success of a project of this size. This shows that the right decisions made in the past influence the increase of residents and their life quality in Peggau.

More information can be found at Schillerpark Peggau II >> or at Mr. Eisenberger +43 664 822 13 70.