Japanese delegation visits Peggau



A Japanese delegation, headed by professor Shun´ichi Teranishi from the university of Hitotsubashi, visited the market town Peggau with its municipal facilities and some of its leading companies. Professor Teranishi, who is also president of the Japan environment council (JEC), wanted to inform himself and his team locally how communes manage to counteract the rising numbers of rural depopulation and the movement of jobs. Japan as many other countries has been fighting against these problems in the rural areas while the areas of high population density increases.

Peggau is a model town concerning this matter. The Sager Group has a major influence to this positive development. Philipp Sager is a man of vision and with his commitment not only to industrial location but also for diversity and the provision of infrastructure he has contributed to this sustainable trend. Wolfgang Pölzl as representative of the company gave an exact insight to these projects and their impulses to the town. The cooperation of the location factors and the entrepreneurial risk taken by (private) investors such as the Sager Group were emphasized. The guests seemed very impressed at the intensive discussion by Peggau’s model.