Schillerpark-Heiplweg, Peggau 2000




A very special housing complex was built on one of the most beautiful and sunny building sites in Peggau. 19 family homes were arranged in a way that all houses get as much sun as possible and a calm and undisturbed living is possible. The street running through the housing complex is a residential street granting more rights to playing children and bikers than to car drivers. Each house has a private garden, a carport and a parking space for visitors.

Graz and Peggau are only a 15 minute car drive apart and there is also an hourly train connection between the capital and Peggau. Several grocery and specialized stores can be found in the market town as well as restaurants, a bank, post office, ground school, kindergarten and several doctors.

Leisure time can be spend in the nearby woods, the mountain area of Semriach and the Schöckl, the Peggauer Wand, the Lurgrotte (a flow-stone cave) and in the open air bath.


Site plan Section Views
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