Sager Transportbeton GmbH & Co KG – an enterprise for solidification of waste

The Sager Group owns a stabilization site in Peggau for the solidification of waste for the purpose of dumping.
The capacity of the site: approx. 40000 t / year

Various waste products contain to many noxious substances and are therefore not capable to be land-filled when they are not treated before.

For example burning residues (scoriae and ashes) are separated in different particle sizes at which extraneous material (e.g. metal parts) can be sorted out. During the stabilization process the waste is mixed with hydraulic, latent hydraulic or in another chemical reaction setting binders like cement or water and so permanently integrated in a matrix.

By integrating the noxious substances to the matrix the mobility of the noxious substances is decreased.

Waste, which is categorized as dangerous and therefore solidified, still count as dangerous after being solidified. These materials can only be de-categorized for the purpose of land-filling.

Fully automatic systems engineering

Waste material according to approval notice are put into the stabilization site – mostly burning residues (scoriae and ashes). The control system works automatically.

The stabilization process of the waste must be optimized concerning the binding of the noxious substances, whereat especially the limits of variation in the composition of the waste for preparing one or more recipes must be considered.

The material, which is being stabilized, passes many checkpoints during the stabilization process.


This test has to prove the suitability of the stabilization process regarding the waste in question in terms of land-filling. It has to be taken care that concrete statements can be made by the tests about the stability of the stabilized waste.

Final disposal

The stabilized waste is brought into a landfill body afterwards.